Music – it’s a different world


Music is a cultural or art form that involves sounds and silence. Music has rhythm, tempo, harmony and pitch. All these elements constitute music. A vast range of instruments are needed to perform music. A solo delivery would just one instrument like the mouth organ.

Music can be divided into two parts. The first is country music and the second is pop. People’s way of life has changed with music. At religious rituals music forms a major part of the celebration. Dance is incomplete without music. There are many types of music such as traditional, art, religious and work songs. In the seventeenth and eighteen century music was of the classical type like Symphonies. By the time of the twenty and twenty first century the music was more contemporary.


Music has always been as a form of entertainment. During the era of romance music lovers would be sheets of love songs. Music would be the dominant way that lovers would express their feelings. Even mix tapes were created by music lovers. There are amateur musicians that compose music for their own satisfaction. The armed forces have their own brand of music which is used to motivate the soldiers. However the music in churches is more of the solemn type to make one feel closer to God. Professionals work as freelancers so that they can spread their talent in different forms of music.

Music performed in a studio and music performed in a theater has much difference between them. At times live performances are recorded for the benefit of the public as all cannot attend such programs. With the result there is a lot of illegal taping that has sprung up in the music arena. Live concerts are both popular in the classical form as well as the popular form. There are many dimensions that a performer has to make a classical presentation. Different performers can interpret the same music in a different form and that is the beauty of music.


Musical notation is always used in a musical composition. Music can have multiple composers working together at the same time. It is all about the mind and thoughts jelling together. Words, images and computer graphics are used to compose music and it depends upon the singer and the musician as to how the tune will be played out.

Spontaneous music is created by musical improvisation. Jazz and jazz fusion is the result of improvisation and many Western performers have adapted themselves to this method. Every music needs to have texture, rhythm, melody and harmony. All these five elements constitute a perfect song which is very pleasant to the ear. Music therapists are those people who study these properties. A melody is a pitch of notes often in the rising and falling pattern. Pitch systems are used for the notes of a melody. Melodies can be simple folk songs or traditional songs. Vertical sounds of pitches in music are called harmony. Pitches that are played together are called chord. This means that the notes are played at the same time. The arrangement of sounds and silences is called rhythm. The overall sound of a piece of music is called texture. The word texture is normally associated with thickness or density between highest and lowest pitches. Therefore a thick texture will have many layers of instruments and one of these layers could be called the string section.


We are working in this melody world for more than 8 years. We at all times put our hard work to bring pioneering thoughts to make a disparity within our business and the world. We work as a family unit of great musicians, all of which put finest possible hard work to fetch drastic changes in the melody/music association.