Buying the Right Training Supplies

When you first get your puppy home from the shelter or the breeder where you bought him or her, you will want to pick up some supplies to feed, water and for training it. Although you don’t need a lot of equipment for training your new puppy, you will need a few things to help you contain and control his or her behavior when you first start working with an excitable puppy.

Using Positive Training Techniques

the dog trainer needs a lot of patienceThe best way to train your young pet is to use positive training techniques. This system uses rewards for positive behaviors rather than punishments for misbehaving. To start training a dog from puppyhood, that one thing that you will need to have in abundant supply is patience. Keep in mind you are training a baby to behave itself and don’t forget to make it fun for the both of you.

The best rewards to use when you’re using positive training techniques are treats and toys from BarkBox. You can use dog treats or even pieces of raw meat to treat your puppy when they exhibit the behaviors you are trying to teach him or her. Find a treat your puppy likes, such as a dog biscuit, a dog cookie or a piece of meat and use that to encourage positive behaviors.

Using Clicker Training

Many animals, including dogs, respond well to clicker training. The sound of the clicker gets their attention, and you can use it as a signal for them to perform a behavior when they have been trained to do so. When you get a clicker, don’t play with it thinking you are getting your dog adjusted to its sound.

Instead, when he or she performs a behavior on their own that you will teach him or her, such as sitting down, user the clicker and say “sit” simultaneously, then praise your puppy right away and offer the treat. As you do this, you are conditioning them to equate the behavior with the clicker and their obedience with a treat. Soon, they will be performing the actions on command, and you can gradually stop using the clicker.

Buying a Collar

training a dog with a harnessWhether you use a collar or a harness is up to you. Many people like harnesses because when dogs pull against a leash, they don’t choke. However, you can use a sturdy collar since you will be teaching it to “heel” and appropriately walk using a leash without always pulling on it.

For a puppy, buy a collar that allows them room to grow, as they will quickly outgrow the collar if you don’t. When properly adjusted, you should be able to slip a finger between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you can’t, the collar is too tight, but if there is room for more than one finger, the collar is too loose, and the puppy could slip it off. When you purchase a harness, you will want one you can adjust so as your puppy grows, you can adjust it to fit him or her.

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