July 2017


Buying the Right Training Supplies

When you first get your puppy home from the shelter or the breeder where you bought him or her, you will want to pick up some supplies to feed, water and for training it. Although you don’t need a lot of equipment for training your new puppy, you will need a few things to help you contain and control his or her behavior when you first start working with an excitable puppy.

Using Positive Training Techniques

the dog trainer needs a lot of patienceThe best way to train your young pet is to use positive training techniques. This system uses rewards for positive behaviors rather than punishments for misbehaving. To start training a dog from puppyhood, that one thing that you will need to have in abundant supply is patience. Keep in mind you are training a baby to behave itself and don’t forget to make it fun for the both of you.

The best rewards to use when you’re using positive training techniques are treats and toys from BarkBox. You can use dog treats or even pieces of raw meat to treat your puppy when they exhibit the behaviors you are trying to teach him or her. Find a treat your puppy likes, such as a dog biscuit, a dog cookie or a piece of meat and use that to encourage positive behaviors.

Using Clicker Training

Many animals, including dogs, respond well to clicker training. The sound of the clicker gets their attention, and you can use it as a signal for them to perform a behavior when they have been trained to do so. When you get a clicker, don’t play with it thinking you are getting your dog adjusted to its sound.

Instead, when he or she performs a behavior on their own that you will teach him or her, such as sitting down, user the clicker and say “sit” simultaneously, then praise your puppy right away and offer the treat. As you do this, you are conditioning them to equate the behavior with the clicker and their obedience with a treat. Soon, they will be performing the actions on command, and you can gradually stop using the clicker.

Buying a Collar

training a dog with a harnessWhether you use a collar or a harness is up to you. Many people like harnesses because when dogs pull against a leash, they don’t choke. However, you can use a sturdy collar since you will be teaching it to “heel” and appropriately walk using a leash without always pulling on it.

For a puppy, buy a collar that allows them room to grow, as they will quickly outgrow the collar if you don’t. When properly adjusted, you should be able to slip a finger between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you can’t, the collar is too tight, but if there is room for more than one finger, the collar is too loose, and the puppy could slip it off. When you purchase a harness, you will want one you can adjust so as your puppy grows, you can adjust it to fit him or her.…


Implementing a Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Business

After you plan a marketing or advertising campaign, you need to ensure the campaign is implemented according to the scheme. This requires focus and communication.

Marketing vs. Sales

people are the building blocks of your marketing campaignIt is important to remember that your campaign is not a sales pitch. A sales pitch requires direct interaction. Miscommunication can be resolved as long as the conversation continues. It is two-way communication, which makes recognizing miscommunication easier.

A marketing campaign can involve two-way communication, but there are delays between when the initial message is transmitted, and feedback is received. By then, it’s often too late to change the initial message. Collecting feedback also requires planning; it doesn’t just happen.

As you implement your marketing or advertising campaign, you need to be clear and concise. Give as few opportunities for miscommunication as possible. If it’s a choice between sacrificing cleverness or clarity, sacrifice the cleverness. A clever message that lacks clarity will not achieve your goals.

Relationship Building

You should also remember that one of your goals is to build a relationship with your audience as the agencies NYC location informed. Whether that goal was stated or even intended, the goal underlies all online marketing and advertising efforts.

People are inundated with advertisements and marketing messages. Our days are filled with them. To reach the people you’re targeting, you need to break through the clutter. Your message will never get through if you’re not even noticed. After that, marketing or advertising messages need time and repetition to be absorbed.

Your message also needs a certain degree of consistency to be absorbed. People who are familiar with your company or your products are already going to have impressions of who you are and what you sell. These ideas are made up of a lot of different things, including any past marketing messages or advertisements that they’ve seen.

A dramatic shift in your presentation may be noticed, but it may not be trusted. Carefully crafted messages convey an ongoing, trustworthy relationship with your customers and potential customers. These words build on those that have come before, and all the other experiences that relate to your business, your message, and their clients.

Remember the Tactics

Keeping those two things in the back of your mind as you work, the first thing you must do to transform a marketing campaign plan into an actualized event is to match your intended messages with the tactics you devised. Each marketing message or advertisement you craft must relate back to at least one of your tactics.

Each message has a purpose. The purpose is to achieve your strategy. You do that by implementing the tactics, which implement the plan. Therefore, each message must satisfy at least one of your tactics, and do so in a way that implements both the tactic and the strategy.

Before any marketing message is finalized, it must be tested against the tactics. Not only should it achieve at least one of the tactics, but it can’t undermine any of the other tactics. This can be tricky, but if your tactics were thought out well enough, it is possible.

Remember the Strategy

All your marketing messages must implement the strategy—when considered individually and when considered as a whole. Each message is a piece of the whole that has a combined effect. Each message must carry its tactical weight, while also reinforcing the underlying structure—that is, the strategy.

stick to your strategyBefore any marketing message is finalized, it must be tested against the strategy. Does it support the strategy? Does it do its part of achieving this strategy? Are there any inconsistencies with the strategy? You must think about these questions as you design the piece, of course, but, you need to think about them again before approving the final product for media placement.

Designing the Pieces

Designing the marketing message or advertising piece may require the expertise of both a copywriter or graphics designer. Small- and medium-sized businesses often forgo this expertise, because advertising and marketing agencies charge more than they can afford. Don’t despair! There are freelance writers and graphic designers available in most areas. If you feel a project is beyond your skill, consider getting a quote from a professional or two before you forge ahead. The money you spend on a freelancer or two may mean the difference between success and an expensive marketing flop.

If you do have the skills to create your marketing messages or advertisements, you need to keep your strategy and appropriate tactics in mind as you work. You also have to consider the medium you’re working with. For example, writing an advertisement in a newspaper is different from writing an ad for a magazine spread. Writing an article for a newsletter about your latest product offering is different from writing a press release to announce your product line. Writing a sales letter is different from writing an e-mail blast.

By keeping the strategy, appropriate tactics, and the medium in mind, you can craft the right marketing message for your audience. But don’t forget the audience. The key to marketing communications, above all else, is to say what your audience needs to hear, not what you want to say.…


Chinese Chrysanthemum Tisane for Detoxifying and Cooling Effect

Teas and tisanes made from chrysanthemum flower have an interesting mix of sweetness and bitterness that soothe our thirst. Chrysanthemum beverages are consumed on a regular basis year round by the Chinese, but it is most popular during the summer because of its cooling and detoxifying properties.

Chinese herbal tea for good healthAs with Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine that popularized using Forskolin for weight loss, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tells us that the general properties of food may be determined by its taste to the palate. For example, bitter taste usually indicates that the food has a “cooling” effect on the human body, while sour food is “warming.”

As mentioned, chrysanthemum flower is slightly bitter, and so it has a cooling effect on the body. According to TCM texts, the flower, when consumed, can help to dispel troubling wind (or energy) and to scatter excessive heat accumulated in the body. The Chinese believe that excessive heat in the body can lead to inflammatory problems such as ulcers, acne, hair loss, tension headache and higher blood pressure.

In the Shen Nong Herbal Compendium, it is said that white chrysanthemum flower tea is beneficial to the eyes, skin, and liver. So if your eyes are strained by staring for hours at electronic devices and your skin is dry from exposure to the harsh weather, it may be a good time to have some chrysanthemum tisane. The Compendium also mentions that sore muscles, swelling, sore throat, and fever may be alleviated by drinking chrysanthemum tisane at the onset of the symptoms.


You should be able to get dried chrysanthemum flowers in good Chinese grocers. They do vary slightly in grade, as with all herbs but should not pinch your pocket.

Pure chrysanthemum tisane

This is the purest form of chrysanthemum tisane. It is easy to prepare and great to drink.

  1. Pour a liter of spring water into a medium-sized pot and bring the water to boil.
  2. Turn down the heat and add a cup (250ml) of dried chrysanthemum flowers into the water and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.
  3. Depending on the quality of dried flower you purchased, the strength of the tisane may vary. If the tisane is too mild for your liking, you can always add more and simmer again for another five minutes. However, remember that chrysanthemum flower is slightly bitter to the taste buds, so add a small quantity at a time and until you find your preferred taste.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the strength of your tisane, turn off the heat and let the tisane cool.

Chrysanthemum flowers in different colorsChrysanthemum and honey

The honey will enrich the anti-inflammatory effect of the chrysanthemum flower.

  1. Follow the above steps from one to four.
  2. Sweeten the tisane with a tablespoon of mild honey while it is still warm.
Chrysanthemum and wolfberry (also commonly called “goji berry”)

Chrysanthemum and wolfberry are perfect partners in the tisane. They are both beneficial for the eyes, skin, liver, and the immune system. As you will find out if you try this recipe, their taste complements each other.

Again, this ingredient may be obtained in good Chinese grocers. They are sometimes referred to as Lycium chinense.

  1. To prepare this beverage, simply follow the above recipe and add one tablespoon of wolfberry into the water along with the flowers.
  2. If preferred, sweeten the beverage with mild honey to taste.

All the beverages above may be served warm or cold. However, if you choose to serve them cold, refrigerate it instead of adding ice-cubes, which is considered detrimental to health in the TCM point of view.

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