How to Choose a Live Wedding Band

Wedding Band

Many couples love the idea of booking a live wedding band to provide the songs and music live for their wedding reception. The reason behind that is the entertainment factor that the live bands can give. No other option out there can beat the energy that can be stirred in the venue when the live bands play the couple’s favorite song.

While the idea of hiring a wedding band to play for the event, it might be overwhelming to choose which one is appropriate for your event. After all, numerous wedding band styles already exist nowadays. Couples can choose to go for country, soul, jazz, rock, blues, or hip-hop as the theme of their wedding reception. If you are considering hiring a wedding band to play during your wedding reception, then here are the things that you should ask to ensure that you are picking the right band for that memorable day of your life. Majority of weddings bands can be found on wedding sites such as The Knot & Wedding Wire

#1. Can the venue accommodate what you want?

Check the shape and size of the venue. How many guests the venue can accommodate as well as the size of the stage will determine what kind of performance you can have for your evening reception. For venues that are large and open spaces, then having a band with seven to eight performers should be possible. For venues that offer an intimate feel perfect for private weddings, then limiting the number of performers to only four people will do too. Always think about your venue when deciding on what wedding band to book for your big day!

#2. Who made it to the guest list?

Your guests are important people who will be sharing the happiness of you getting married. They are your family members, close friends, and colleagues. The number of guests will depend not only on the venue and the budget but also on the discretion of the bride and groom. As such, thinking about them when choosing a wedding band is a given. Think about what kind of music they love to listen to as well as what would make them stand on the dance floor. Of course, your guests may be a heterogeneous mix of people – from seniors to children or from high-class ladies to street punks. The wedding band you choose should be flexible enough to meet the tastes of your guests.

#3. How long should they play for?

If you are choosing the bands according to the demo CD they provide you with, then please do consider the fact that performing for more than two hours can be very different compared to putting together five of the band’s best songs. As such, it is highly recommended that aside from listening to the band’s audio CD, you should listen to them and watch them in action. That way, it should be easy for you to determine if they can maintain the appropriate energy level even when they are playing for quite a while. They should also be able to adapt to the reception’s changing moods as well as play any requests that may come for them.

#4. How fitting are they to your wedding theme?

Weddings have a theme. It can be the traditional theme or the beach wedding theme. There are even daring ones such as the Hollywood-style wedding. No matter what kind of theme you have, the wedding band you choose should be able to match it. Just imagine how it would be if you have a classic wedding and the music being played is of the metal genre. How about having a string quartet playing during a beach wedding? Horrific, right? That is why it is imperative that you match the wedding theme to the kind of music that should be played during the wedding reception. Otherwise, you will just embarrass yourself as well as your partner.

#5. How long will it take them to set up?

Knowing the length of time the band needs to set up their equipment is a given. That way, you would know what time you should tell them to come to the venue. Moreover, you can coordinate with the venue about the required assistance the band needs for proper setup.

These are questions to ask to ensure that the band meets the proper criteria. Of course, there are many other things to consider. Some other things to take note of include what the band should wear, choice of music, the special song, insurance, and contract. Be meticulous to make the right choice.

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