June 2016

Music Lessons

When Is the Best Time to Learn How to Sing?

kids taking singing lessonsThe selection of your child’s hobby determines your child’s passion for that particular thing. It has been noticed that many children develop a fascination for singing right from their childhood. Seeing a child’s inclination for singing, several parents take a wrong decision of enrolling their child’s name in a singing class at a very young age. Before making your mind of enrolling your child in Music To Your Home signing & voice lessons, you should think about your child’s age. Has your child grown enough to pick the singing lessons? Will your child be able to cope up with the singing environment? All parents should take their child’s age into account before sending their child for singing lessons. Have a quick glance over the following lines to know the best time to learn singing.

Post-Puberty Age
It is after the puberty when a boy or a girl can achieve the right sound in his or her voice. During or before puberty, there happens a constant change in a child’s vocal quality and tone. When a child reaches the phase of puberty, a child’s voice becomes more mature, and the child attains a progressive state to adopt with all kinds of vocal training. After puberty, a girl’s voice sounds like a woman. On the other hand, the voice of a boy sounds more like a man. Hence, the post-puberty age is reckoned as the right age for acquiring vocal lessons for both boys and girls.

Have a Fully Matured Voice
Parents should never rush to send a child to a singing class at an age when a child’s voice has not matured properly. As it is known that a child has to make use of different vocal sounds. A child whose voice is not yet developed properly will find difficulty in adapting with high pitch. The delicate membranes and the small vocal chords can be affected. Therefore, you should wait until your child reaches a matured age. A fully matured voice can easily adapt all types of vocal lessons, and a child does not have to strain much on vocal chords.

Begin with the basic at an early age of five…
You can give your child the basic vocal training at the age of five. Let your child enter the music world by helping your child learn a few basic vocal lessons which could be the best for your child. Once your child grows old, then you can send your child for seeking higher singing lessons. Kindermusic is widely popular and is highly appreciated by all. The objective of Kindermusic is to make your child familiar with the basic concepts of music and singing. Sending your child to a Kindermusic class will be the best gift for your child.

Incorporate music fundamentals before the age of 10…
As your child falls in the age between 8 and 10, you should inculcate the fundamentals of music into your child’s mind. Before starting their actual voice lessons, you should provide them training on a keyboard instrument. A keyboard lesson helps a child to get a grip on the theory of music which is needed during vocal training. The fundamentals of music give a child the interest for music which is essential for vocal training. If needed, you can provide training on basic vocal skills to your child at the age mentioned above. The purpose of basic vocal skills is to train your child on breathing techniques which are required at a higher level of singing lessons.

More on vocal techniques from the age of 12
When your child reaches the age of 12, you can let your child have an in-depth knowledge of vocal techniques. The age between 10 and 12 is the right age to let your child acquire training on singing vowels where your child will learn to make use of each vowel while signing. Also, the right way to use notes and phrases during singing will be trained to your child simultaneously.

Intense singing lessons from the age of 15…
As your child develops physical maturity, you can provide your child the intense training on singing lessons. This is the appropriate age to make your child adapt to vigorous singing lessons. From the age of 15, your child becomes emotionally and physically matured to learn, comprehend and grasp every form of vocal lessons.

Do not make haste in sending your child to a vocal lesson class at an inappropriate age. Keep in mind the aforementioned right time to help your child learn singing lessons with ease.…